Reckless driving is not a joke. You see it all the time when people fly past you, when vehicles weave in and out of traffic, and when people make the decision to drink and drive. Reckless driving isn’t funny, and it’s sometimes deadly. What might start out as a joke racing another car at a red light could end with hit-and-run accidents that cost you your future.

Serious Injury

When you are speeding, it will take longer for you to stop, or you may not see a car until it is too late. You are less likely to be checking your mirrors. Imagine being the person responsible for someone’s inability to walk, or that causes someone to lose a limb. It happens all the time when people drive recklessly. Not only could you hurt someone else, you could hurt yourself. A few minutes of speeding or careening around the highway can end in hundreds and thousands of dollars in medical bills.


Not only could you be responsible for seriously hurting yourself or someone else, you could kill someone. Reckless driving is responsible for 33% of fatal accidents. While the guilt you may feel from being responsible for someone’s death will never go away, you could be the one who doesn’t walk away, and you will be leaving your family to deal with that. If you do kill someone, you will have to deal with the legal ramifications and the jail time that accompanies that.

Drunk Driving

Driving while drinking is one of the most irresponsible and reckless things that you can do. The facts are well known, but there are still too many people who think they are invincible. When you are under the influence, your judgment and reaction times are severely impaired, to the point that you are a serious danger. Not only are your more likely to hurt someone or yourself, you are less likely to stop at the scene of the accident. Your judgment is impaired, so you may not even realize what you have done. Now you have added a hit-and-run to your already bad decisions.

Loss of License

You may not face the consequences of reckless driving right away, but they will catch up to you eventually. If you accumulate enough tickets to prove that you are not a safe driver, you will lose your license and have to pay through the nose to get it back. This includes hefty fines, driving school, limitations on your license when you get it back, and other penalties, depending on the severity of your offense.

Making the decision to drive recklessly is too dangerous. Remember that what happens today could still haunt you for the rest of your life, and you’ll never get over it. Make wise decisions, and stay out of the car if you cannot drive without endangering yourself or others.

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