When you are potentially facing criminal prosecution, you may feel intimidated and terrified. Both your actions and words before, during and after arrest can affect the outcome of the case, a factor that makes it important to ensure that your rights are protected. Regardless of the reason for arrest and being taken to custody, the constitution guarantees you certain rights that you can exercise.

Exercise your right to remain silent after an arrest

There is no doubt that being arrested can make for a terrifying experience. However, it is advisable to exercise your constitutionally protected right to remain silent. As much as you should remain compliant and avoid resisting the arrest, you do not have to answer all the questions asked by law enforcement agencies. The information you provide could have a major impact on the case.

Ask to speak with a lawyer

One of your fundamental rights when facing possible criminal prosecution is to have an attorney present while you are being questioned. In order to protect this right, you should ask to speak to a lawyer. It is never a good decision to answer the prosecutor’s questions especially if the charges you are facing are serious.

Contact your attorney

The criminal justice system can be quite complex, making it important to have an attorney who will give you expert advice and guidance. Contact an attorney for help as you want to be sure that every decision taken will be in your best interests. The attorney will also represent you in court during the trial stage.

Keep the details of the case between you and the attorney

It is normal to want to discuss the details of your case with family, friends and colleagues. However, protecting your rights under such circumstances requires that you keep these details between you and your lawyer. In the event that the case goes to trial, these individuals may be forced to testify against you. This may be a factor that may not work in your favor.

Listen to the legal expert

If you want to protect your legal rights, it would be advisable to listen to your criminal defense attorney. Once the legal expert has considered all facts, they will take the appropriate steps. In the end, the charges you face may be dismissed or dropped. There is also the possibility you could reach a plea agreement or the case could go to trial.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can help to ensure that the charges you face are reduced or dismissed. This is why you should work with a trustworthy attorney who is knowledgeable in the law and is familiar with the local justice system.


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