The Modern Man's Take on Home Defense

Whether living in a city, suburb or the countryside, home defense should be on the mind of any modern man. Not only does have the ability to defend their home offer men peace of mind, but being prepared for home defense also ensures that those who matter most are protected; namely, family. Here’s some expert advice to ensure that any modern man, living the original men’s lifestyle, ┬áis prepared for home defense.

First and perhaps most importantly, any home should be armed with a security system of some sort. Alarms are one key to home defense, preferably motion-sensor alarms, as these will alert homeowners if anyone enters the home. While the system doesn’t need to be armed at all times, it should always be on at night or when the family is away. In areas that see high rates of theft, it’s also advisable to install security cameras to cover the outdoor portions of the property.

Another necessity for proper home defense is maintaining a high level of physical fitness, which is also key to a healthy men’s lifestyle. Many modern men are extremely busy with work and family, but it is crucial to stay in good shape in the event of an intruder in their home. This includes both maintaining cardiovascular fitness as well as building strength, as if a confrontation with an intruder ever comes to physical violence, it’s important that they be able to defend themselves.

Speaking of self-defense, many men also choose to keep a gun or other weapon in their home. Guns should always be under lock when not in use, but having one in the home can offer peace of mind, and may allow for intruders to be scared off without resorting to violence. For men living in crime-prone areas, it may also be wise to obtain a concealed-carry permit for increased self-defense capabilities.

For men uncomfortable keeping a firearm in the home for whatever reason, another option is to keep forms of alternative weapons in the home. Knives are one popular option, as they are easy to conceal or to hide from small children and are effective in close quarters. Axes and hatchets are also a good choice, particularly because they have other practical uses when landscaping or doing yard work. There are also less-lethal options such as tasers, which are available for purchase by civilians in 45 states.

Whatever weapons or security systems they choose to employ, a gentleman should always be ready and able to defend themselves. For the modern man, that means staying in top physical form, arming their home with security devices, and having a weapon of some variety in the event that their home and family need to be defended.

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