What To Look For In A BBB Listing

For a long time, the Better Business Bureau has been a reliable organization to turn to when analyzing a business. To this day, there is not a business with a more comprehensive approach to providing accurate business ratings and consumer protection. To achieve high rankings with the Better Business Bureau is not easy either. For this reason, businesses with a high rating with the BBB are typically among the best choice for any consumer.


How Does A BBB Rating Work?

The BBB rating focuses on the ability the business has to interact with a customer. Much of the information collected for determining this rating comes from the BBB itself doing research and analyzing complaints received from consumers. There are seven major areas of grading that each business passes through with the BBB, some of which include time in business, advertising issues and transparent business practices.

To understand how to interpret a BBB profile page for any business you are looking into, you need to know what to look for. Let take, for example, Kyani, Inc., and analyze their BBB profile. The link to the page is https://www.bbb.org/snakeriver/business-reviews/vitamins-and-food-supplements/kyani-inc-in-idaho-falls-id-1000005633.


Rating, Reviews, and Scores

The first thing to note when viewing a BBB listing is the overall rating. This is on a scale from A to F. For Kyani, they happen to have an A rating. You can view that rating/score on the right hand side of the page.

What To Look For In A BBB Listing

Underneath that rating is a breakdown of the types of reviews the business has received. Kyani, at the time of writing this, had a total of 13 reviews – 1 neutral, 3 negative and 9 positive. I am always skeptical about a business that receives no negative reviews anywhere because it almost seems fake, or in most cases, too good to be true. For Kyani, I like to see that there are a few negative reviews. Upon reading them I realized that they were more about a customer being upset they did not understand something, or did not like the taste of the product – both better than a complaint or review regarding terrible service or illegal practices.

What To Look For In A BBB Listing

Underneath the breakdown of reviews there is a section called Composite Score which explains, down to a decimal point, the score out of 5 that the company has received. In this case, Kyani has received a 4.42 out of 5 stars. This comes as a result of the 13 customer reviews and overall BBB rating of A.


Social Media

Another aspect of the BBB listing to note is the available links to social media accounts. If the company you are reading about has any social media accounts that you are searching for, chances are you can find them here on the BBB profile page. The nice thing about having these links is that these will be the official pages of the business rather than fake accounts.


Business Information

Finally, there is a large section on the left of the page with all sorts of valuable information for which ever business you are reading about or reviewing. In the case of the Kyani BBB listing, I see a phone number at the top of this section, information regarding how long the company has been in business, their physical address, when the company was started, the category the company falls into, their products and services, any alternate business names the company may have as well as a list of some key individuals managing the business.

The BBB offers typically more information than any other review of business site does. Granted, there are many other reviews sites, but their level of trust has always been shaky at best. Beyond information, honest reviews and spot-on ratings, the BBB should be known for one main thing when it comes to business recommendations – Trust! With a better understanding of the importance of the BBB and their business accreditation, analyzing the validity and reputation of a company will be much more thorough. You will be hard pressed to find a better, more comprehensive, honest and trustworthy source for business information and reviews.


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