As a land lord you must be very cautious before you lease a home to tenants.  The laws are in place to protect the renters not the owners, therefore make sure that you do everything within your power to protect yourself and your property. An often overlooked service which is hot mop shower pans, this ensures that you bath/shower will be waterproofed, which will eliminate leak, which will reduce mold. These are big issues that you can avoid if you take the proper time and find a specialist to get it done right and will reduce your long term liability.

•    The beneficiary must meet the building code needs of his or her home
•    All lining material should be pitched at a quarter of every foot to weep the holes in the drains with the aid of a smooth solidly-formed sloping sub-base
•    The membrane of the hot mop should extend upwards to the side of the walls and the rough jambs of the said shower. This membrane should not be extended to a point no fewer than 3” atop the completed dam or threshold.
•    All weep holes should be free-flowing and clear of clogs and any obstructions
•    An appropriate water test

We typically spend hundreds and thousands of dollars in protecting the outside of our homes from the perils of water entry. We understand that water, unchecked in the home, can cause damages. Since the shower area and shower pan water system is not what you will typically look out for, the lack of a hot mop system means that damages and leakages in your home can linger undetected for months to come. This water can run into the walls and cause mold to form and affect drywalls by compromising their strength and integrity.

A hot mop shower pan helps to avoid all the potential damages that can arise from a failed water system. A hot mop solution ensures an efficient water-in, water-out system that serves as the best defenses against intrusion that can damage your home.

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