The Importance Of Reputation Management For Your Business

As a techpreneur, shaping the public perception of your brand might seem like a herculean task considering the fast-paced nature of the cyber age. However, online reputation management is an innovative tool that is revolutionizing business relations and tech-savvy businesses are already banking in on its innumerable benefits. It’s a tailor-made solution that allows business owners to constantly keep track of mentions about their company and products on the internet whilst engaging consumers in a proper way that can mitigate the effects of negative reviews. Simply put, online reputation management is a way of safeguarding the most important asset that any business has, their reputation.

Who is It Intended For?
It’s important for businesses and individuals alike but our primary focus today is, how online reputation management can boost your business in achieving exponential success. Consumers are naturally inclined to deal with companies that portray a good public image, so a poor online reputation will most likely drive them to a competitor. As your small business grows, more people will start discussing your brand and, more importantly, what others are saying about your business. This is why it’s advisable to have an active role in monitoring and controlling all available information on the internet pertaining to your business.

Perks and Benefits
This all-important online conversation by consumers who use your products has now become one of the most important measures of the quality of goods and services offered by a company. According to a recent study, 88% of consumers rely on online reviews to determine the quality of the products offered by a business while 72% of consumers will immediately act on a positive review. Potential customers have a higher chance of buying from your business if they find positive reviews from previous customers.

Effective online reputation management can also make or break a potential business partnership. This greatly depends on what image your business has on Google and other high authority sites such as Foursquare and Yelp. With good PR, however, you can expect a tremendous boost in terms of targeted traffic to your site, a higher credibility score, and a free advertising package.

Case Studies You Can Learn From
Generational Equity (a merger, and acquisition company in Dallas), is a good example of how false complaints can easily land a company in murky waters. A former disgruntled employee recently wrote some controversial blog posts that were intended to maliciously damage the reputation of the company. Although he was later arrested, the company had already lost $75,000 in sales with the potential to lose even more. Seeking a team of experts to kick-start an online reputation campaign seems like the most viable option for Generational Equity to counter all the negative publicity that has greatly affected their business.

Online reputation management is here to stay and is a supporting pillar for the sustenance and continued growth of modern-day businesses. So, do your research diligently and choose wisely before handing over the global image of your business to just any firm.

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