Cannabis, vaping, and tobacco are growing industries that are constantly adapting. Tobacco causes health problems, cannabis can help with health problems, but vaping is still new and unknown. Each of these growing industries faces regulatory hurdles in distribution, sale, and creation in order to protect the public.


Since it’s a rapidly growing industry, the cannabis industry still faces many regulations. There are both state and federal regulations, whether it’s being used recreationally or medicinally. The federal regulations all stay the same but each state is different. For example, in Arizona, it’s legal for medicinal use but not recreational and they have their own regulations in place to accommodate this rule. Illinois requires a detailed security plan to prevent theft and unauthorized access. This is a common regulation. Cannabis can be expensive and avoiding theft will help protect those that are selling it. Cannabis is still a growing industry and facing many new and challenging legal hurdles and problems.


Vaping is still a very new industry and there are a lot of unknown factors involved. No one can assure the health benefits or issues that may arise from repeated use. One example of a regulatory hurdle that the vape industry has to deal with is that many social media sites prohibit vape advertising on their platforms. This causes an issue with finding good places to market their product. Anything that includes nicotine, which many e-cigarettes do, must include a nicotine addictiveness warning on the package. These, and many others, are all regulations that need to be met by those in the vaping industry.


Tobacco isn’t expected to still be a growing industry but in the last few years, it’s been on the rise. It’s expected to grow even more within the next five years. It has been proven that tobacco causes many health problems including heart disease, cancer, lung issues, and many others. Since tobacco can be harmful to the user and those around them, the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act gave the FDA authority to regulate the creation of tobacco products. These regulations are in place to keep the public safe.

Any industry faces many rules and regulations but these growing and slightly controversial industries face more than the average industry. Cannabis, vaping, and tobacco have many regulations in place to protect the public. That’s what rules do—they keep people and companies safe.

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