Wage disputes usually refer to the negotiations between an employer and its employees regarding compensation. This can happen after termination, during employment, and even after layoffs. In the fight for better wages, it is important that employees take certain steps to protect themselves and their rights. If you are in a wage dispute with your employer, here are some ways to improve the chances of winning your dispute.

Review the Laws Concerning Wages


Before continuing negotiations with an employer, you need to review State and federal laws regarding wages. These laws could have an impact on the outcome of your dispute and might change how you go about it.


If the employer is not meeting the standards set by the government, you could win your dispute by filing a complaint with the relevant governing agency. For instance, if your employer is not paying at least the minimum wage according to your state’s laws, you could file a complaint with the state’s labor board.


Know the Exact Number


One of the mistakes other employees make in wage disputes is not being clear on exactly how much of an increase is expected. This can lead to protracted negotiations that can leave both sides less willing to negotiate.


If you do not know the exact amount of the increase that you want, take the time to find out what the range is for your field. Once you know, select an amount that is at or near the top of the range. This will allow room for negotiating and give you a better chance of winning a better wage.


Directly Answer Challenges


During negotiations, your employer might challenge your right to a higher wage. It is imperative that you directly address the challenges. Failing to do so hurts the negotiations and leaves you vulnerable to a loss. A direct challenge could strengthen your case and help your employer realize you have met the criteria for an increase in salary.


For instance, if the employer states that your work performance does not meet the criteria for an increase, be prepared to provide proof that you are entitled to a raise. Copies of performance reviews, statements from co-workers, and relevant passages from the employee handbook can help prove you do deserve an increase.


Regardless of how well-prepared you are for the negotiations with your employer, there is still the possibility that problems can ensue. An attorney who has experience with wage disputes can help you plan your next move and handle challenges that occur during negotiations.

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