One of the most fascinating career choices, law offers virtually unlimited opportunities for those entering the field. Whether it’s working as a criminal defense attorney to help those accused of wrongdoing or as a legal aid attorney for those who cannot afford legal services, law is a field that lets people use a wide variety of skills. If you’re in law school and trying to make up your mind what area of law to focus on, here are five of the fastest-growing law careers that might merit your consideration.

Personal Injury

If you like aspects of criminal law and the medical profession, consider becoming a personal injury attorney. Not only will you be helping those whose lives have been forever changed due to car accidents or negligent acts by others, but you’ll also use the skills learned in law school to reach settlements and protect clients from corporations and insurance companies.

Entertainment Law

If you’re great at negotiating contracts and helping people start new business ventures, become an entertainment lawyer. In addition to being a fast-growing career, it’s also one of the best-paying, since you’ll often get a percentage of most deals you help negotiate.

Elder Law

With the U.S. population aging at a rapid pace, elder law is becoming a very important field for many families. In addition to helping seniors with wills and trusts, you may also help families if questions arise concerning the care of their loved ones in nursing homes or other facilities.

Environmental Law

As government regulations change each and every year, more and more companies are in need of help when it comes to navigating this complex field. Along with becoming an expert on government regulations, you’ll be working with companies that are developing alternative sources of energy, negotiate new locations for energy production, and help clients secure government funding.

Family Law

As laws change across the nation regarding same-sex marriages and other family relationships, the field of family law is desperate for attorneys who are familiar with this aspect of law. In addition to the hot button issue of same-sex marriages, family law attorneys also help clients with custody battles, divorces, and adoptions.

Whether you choose family law, elder law, or one of numerous other fields, the need for excellent attorneys will never end. By bringing enthusiasm and knowledge to your field, you and your clients will be satisfied time after time.



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