People literally put their lives in the hands of medical professionals every day. We do this because we trust that they have the knowledge and experience to help us. Most of the time, this trust is merited and goes without any complication. However, doctors are human beings, which means they can make mistakes. Fortunately, there are ways to actively avoid these mistakes. Here are three helpful tips to help protect yourself and your family from medical malpractice.

Be Informed

You do not need a medical degree know when something is wrong with you or anyone in your family. There are plenty of resources to help you, including the opportunity to get a second opinion. While you can get information from the internet, make sure you are getting it from a reliable source. Gaining knowledge about your condition allows you to have an educated conversation with medical professionals about your health and may help you figure things out faster.

Be Your Own Advocate

Unfortunately, it is not always enough to know what is going on with your body. It can be difficult to convince an experienced medical professional of your concerns. After all, they are the ones with proper training. In addition to doing your research, you should learn to be your own advocate. Be respectful of your doctor, but don’t be afraid to ask questions or get a second opinion. Your confidence and comfort are important parts of patient care as well.

Seek Legal Counsel

Sometimes protecting your family means having a strong defense in place. You need to be prepared to take action. If you have any concerns or someone in your family has already suffered because of medical malpractice, then you should find a good attorney. Legal professionals can give you advice about your rights and options. They can also represent your interests if you feel you are being ignored. Cohen, Placitella & Roth recommends finding an attorney that specializes in malpractice suits.

Healthcare professionals make a pledge to offer quality care to their patients. They work tirelessly to keep people as healthy as possible. Despite their best efforts and intentions, however, preventable problems can happen. Preventable means that the damage or complication could have been avoided. This is a harsh reality, but, once accepted, one you can anticipate and for which you can be prepared. It is your right and responsibility to do whatever possible to protect yourself, even from doctors.

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